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Public Apparitions

A link to an investigative report by Fr. Sylvester Onmoke, an Assistant Priest to his Parish Priest Fr John Beirne, concerning a 12 years old visionary of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church, in the village of Aokpe in Benue State, Nigeria. Read More...

Brief Summary.

The first public apparition was on August 4th, 1994.

People came to witness what was happening because they heard that Our Lady was appearing to Christiana. She received Holy Communion on the tongue from an angel sent from Heaven. Christiana said the Host the angel brought was bigger than the normal Host. The closer the angel came, the smaller the Host became till it was the normal size. Jesus was also there and said the people of the world should stop complaining about the sins of the priests to Him.

The second public apparition was on 4th August, 1995.

And Aokpe was just a small modest village without basic amenities. Little did the people know that in a matter of months, the whole place would be swarming with people from all parts of Nigeria. Christiana had four/five other girls who were her prayer mates; they lived and prayed together for some years at the request of Our Lady.

The September apparition.

There was a rainbow around the sun which was to occur before Our Lady appeared. When it happened, the surface of the sun turned blue and one could look at it without its rays hurting the eyes. The message from Our Lady was for people to stop committing sins. “if you have the grace of God in you, you will be afraid to commit sins. Those misleading souls away from God will pay for all the souls that they have lost. After the great darkness, those that remain will come back to the one church. I am always praying for the souls in purgatory. Wherever I have appeared, I do pray for them myself”. After the apparitions, were the readings and the messages, which were sometimes received with great enthusiasm.

The November 4th , 1995 apparition.

The parishioners of the Holy Name Parish were encouraged to attend. And more people came after hearing of the signs and wonders from the previous apparitions. The pilgrimage of December 8th, 1995, The Feast of The Immaculate Conception (the Rosa Mystica apparition) - Two Rosa Mystica statues were bought for the pilgrimage. The message from Our Lady: “Say your Holy Rosary every day. I am happy when Holy Mass is said because it is Holy Mass that gives the greatest Glory to God. Tell Father John Beirne to come and build a shrine for me”.

The January 26th and 27th 1996 apparition

This could be described as one of the greatest apparition pilgrimages of the church. There were three big public masses. Two of the masses were co-celebrated by the then Archbishop-now Cardinal John Onayikan with three of his bishops. (It was the first time that such an apparition was taking place in an English speaking country) The first mass started just before 6pm. The second mass was the long vigil mass which had a multitude in attendance. It is said that Christiana had seen a vision of the village covered with many people, but Our Lady instructed her not to tell anyone about it. The third mass was in the morning of the second day. The archbishop gave a statement drawn up by all the bishops in Nigeria, where they made it clear that the presence of the bishops did not mean approval of the apparitions, but it was a sign of their openness. The bishops had published a few years earlier, a prayer titled the prayer for Nigeria in distress which they requested to be said daily.
“After Mass I was going to the apparition site to wait for Our Lady when it was 11:04. I suddenly saw her coming towards me in the sky. Then she said, listen to me, my child. I cried out to Her and She disappeared. Immediately, I entered the ribbon fence at the site. She started coming again and fully appeared. I bowed to her and I said. ‘Mother, your peace comes from Heaven. She replied, my peace truly comes from Heaven. I am the Immaculate Conception, I want to be known here as the Mediatrix of all Graces. I want all my children to continue attending Holy Mass. I am very happy with those who attend Holy Mass regularly…It gives the greatest Glory to God. Pray for peace in Nigeria, pray because of the problem that is coming, the three days darkness that is coming. People are still committing sins. And new sins are being introduced into the world.”